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About Adi

Hailing from the middle-east, rooted in her Persian and Yemenite origins,

Adi Kadussi is an Indie R&B, Soul singer - songwriter from Tel Aviv.

Kadussi’s inspiration derives from artists such as Sade, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé & Solange, connecting old & new beats, spirituality & pragmatism.

With a versatile flavor and wide spectrum, her soft, yet almost crisp vocals harmonized with smooth soulful melodies encaptures a hypnotizing stage presence, full of elegance, romance and passion.

After years of cherry picking her songs, Kadussi now dives deep into her consciousness and is currently working on her first EP.

Welcome to her journey.

As she shares her deepest thoughts on love, heartbreak, womanhood and spiritual growth, you are invited to join and dive into your own mind and soul, unraveling the mysteries of your heart. 

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